Justin Trudeau should reassess his scientific foundation

BY MARK HUME originally appearing in The Globe and Mail

VANCOUVER — When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline project, he framed it as a decision based on science.

Perhaps he didn’t check his inbox before making that pronouncement, because the pipeline decision seems not to have taken into account concerns expressed by many of Canada’s young scientists about the flawed environmental-assessment process in this country.

“If I thought this project was unsafe for the B.C. coast, I would reject it,” Mr. Trudeau said last week in declaring the controversial pipeline is going ahead. “This is a decision based on rigorous debate, on science and on evidence. We have not been and will not be swayed by political arguments– be they local, regional or national.”

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Under Pressure

It powers industry and is the lifeblood of healthy communities. But years of reduced federal oversight, Mark Hume writes, have left the government with major decisions about managing a resource we take for granted.

BY MARK HUME originally  appearing in The Globe and Mail 

Canadians, unlike billions of people around the world, see clean water as their birthright. Images of pristine water are rooted deep in the Canadian psyche, from Tom Thomson’s Cold Spring in Algonquin Park, to photos of Pierre Elliott Trudeau canoeing on fresh northern lakes.

As a commodity, water touches every facet of the Canadian economy. It powers industry and washes away industrial, urban and agricultural waste. Without it, turbines don’t spin, croplands become dust bowls, and rainforests burn.

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