Opposition prepares to fight Trans Mountain pipeline approval

BY MARK HUME AND FRANCES BULA originally appearing in The Globe and Mail

VANCOUVER — Protests, legal challenges over aboriginal rights and the fate of an endangered population of killer whales are among the hurdles facing Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline project.

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in Ottawa on Tuesday that cabinet had approved the $6.8-billion venture, it triggered a flurry of activity on the West Coast where legal teams were conferring with clients and protest groups were planning workshops.

Svenn Biggs, energy and climate campaigner for the environmental group Stand.earth, said the Trans Mountain decision “signals the beginning of a new phase in the struggle against pipelines.”

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Site C likely a failed megaproject

BY MARK HUME originally appearing in The Globe and Mail

The great divide over the Site C hydroelectric project on the Peace River was evident at an energy conference in Vancouver last week when two former British Columbia premiers expressed polar opposite views.

Mike Harcourt, New Democratic premier from 1991 to 1996, said the project is “a disaster” that should be abandoned, even though billions of dollars have already been spent on it.

“You cut your loss at $2-billion or you go ahead and blindly build” and end up $15-billion to $19-billion in the hole, he said, predicting massive cost overruns. Continue reading →